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Many people say 'I'm lonely and want to be in a love relationship", but many times they are

not willing to really do what it takes to be in a good and loving relationship. Our most important

relationship must be with ourselves. We must learn to genuinely love ourselves first before we can expect

someone else to love us. Do you know what you're really saying when you say, "I'm lonely"? You're saying

you don't like being with yourself? I'm with me, myself and I, 24/7, so hadn't I better learn to

like hanging out with me, myself and I? If I don't love me, how can I expect someone else to love me? Many

people live their whole lives and never really know who they are or what they really want.

If you truly desire to be in a fantastic loving relationship with another human being, you must

become a fun and interesting person. Take fun classes that are interesting to you, belly dancing,

creative writing, yoga, cooking, painting, archery, gardening, acting, singing, piano, guitar,

accordian, etc. Become an expert at something that truly interests you. Then, you are the authority

and people will flock to you for help and support. Remember how as kids we'd get lost in play? Whether

it's coloring, or playing hide and seek, or building a kite, children have the ability to focus easily

because their curiosity holds their interest, plus children go after the fun.

When you're involved in fun activities that you truly enjoy, that excitement spills over into other aspects of

your life. Some folks call it passion. When we live with fervor and passion, we pass into a special

energy field of beauty, goodness and this make life exciting. Putting out that kind of positive energy

makes people feel good when they're around you.

There were two beautiful sisters. Joan, 50 was happily married, in a good and loving relationship, and overall lived a

wonderful life. Jan, 45 the smarter and prettier sister, never married and remained home with the mother and her

cat. Jan was fat, with a mean disposition. She had many degrees but could never settle on a career.

She was an engineer, a customer service rep, a waitress, a veterinary assistant, a vacuume cleaner salesperson

just to name few. She bounced around many under paid jobs. Jan always made fun of Joan because Joan was always taking

weird classes and seminars, or reading some strange book to expand her thinking. She always had some exciting

project she was working on, and Joan was always happy. Even though the sisters were close, Jan was sometimes

jealous of Joan. Growing up Joan always dated nice guys. Jan never had boyfriends. When she did meet a nice guy

she always did something to sabotage the relationship. Jan did that because Jan didn't like Jan.

When we don't love ourselves, how can we expect someone else to love us? Build your love relationship with self

first and love will find you.

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