How much money do full figure baby boomer women have?

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Big Business: Marketing to Full Figure Baby Boomer Women

While the new television season line up has more reality shows, more weight loss shows and more programs about the beautiful and wealthy; left without representation on television is the largest, wealthiest consumer demographic in the US- Full Figure Baby Boomer women.Authors Christianne Northrupp and Faith Popcorn agree that women in this demographic currently have the biggest economic impact in the country, spending not their father’s money, not their family’s money and not their husband’s money- these women are spending their own money.

And of the 53 million women in this country aged 45-65 years old, 41 million of them wear a dress size 14w and above. Make no mistake--full figure baby boomers have lots of moneySo how much money do baby boomer women have?

According to Martha Barletta of Sales & Marketing Excellence, boomer women are a demographic with $900 billion dollars in expendable income. In the United States 27% of U.S. households are single female-headed households where the woman brings home the entire income.

Yet in media and advertising these women are almost completely left out, much to the disappointment of their customer base. Even women’s apparel retailer Lane Bryant uses missy size models in their advertisements.

While the retailers aim to motivate full figure women with the images of uber thin women, the images were studied and proven to cause anxiety, a rise in blood pressure and other negative physical signs of stress. And the signs were present in all of the women that viewed the images, not just the full figure women.

Baby boomer women have no problem with their dress size and are vigorously motivated by beautiful images of full figure women in the boomer demographic. Their vigorous motivation puts big dollars into the pockets of retailers that embrace these women the same way they embrace themselves.

Big boobs, big bottoms and big wallets--full figure baby boomer women are the largest single sex demographic in the United States and they happily spend more money in the marketplace than any other demographic. Remember, full figure baby boomer women not only buy for themselves, but they make purchases for their children, their partners, their parents and their siblings.

As Boomer Women remind big business of the statistic that proves baby boomer women make 85% of the decisions for home and family goods in addition to being the majority of Purchasing Officers for Corporations; many companies still overlook the financial power of baby boomer woman.

It’s amazing that marketers and manufacturers can overlook this huge demographic of women and their stock holders not point out the piles of money left on the table. Boomer Women are buying expensive houses, remodeling their old kitchens and baths, buying luxury cars and taking extended vacations. Mostly because they are no longer caring for children and the majority of them are single”.

It’s time corporate America looked up and saw the 200 lb. woman in the boardroom!

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