Why do we need a Baby Boomer Guide?

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Answered by: Pamela, An Expert in the Baby Boomer Generation Category
Today’s 79-million plus baby boomers have more time, more resources, and more options than any generation before them. And while ‘more’ generally connotes better, endless possibilities and myriad choices can also prove overwhelming.

And let’s face it: today’s boomers are different. We’ve long forged our own paths, sought out our own identities, marched to the beat of our own drummer. While our parents may have known exactly how their Golden Years would unspool, perhaps on the golf course or charity circuit, today’s fifty-plus crowd has so many options that it can be overwhelming. For instance: We can move to Panama and start a sustainable candle business…climb Mt. Whitney…switch to a Raw Food Diet…go back to school. Or we can take up scuba diving, play electric guitar, or start an investment club. Engage in local politics or donate our time and talents to community service. We can sit on the porch and sip margaritas, singing along to Jimmy Buffett. Or we can do all of the above, on most any day of the week.

We can choose the level of purpose in our lives, set the structure of our days. Which, truth be told, is incredibly daunting. Consider: In the first phase of our lives, the world conspires to give us instruction. Every possible subject is covered, from how to tie our shoes, brush our teeth, stand up straight, say please and thank you. We’re encouraged to finish school, take our vitamins, and not have sex on the first date. There are counselors at every turn to guide us -- parents, teachers, employers, all available to dispense advice, impart wisdom and illustrate the peril and potential of the road ahead.

And so we grow up, putting into practice (or willfully discarding) all that we’ve learned. We continue to brush our teeth and mind our manners and life unfolds, more or less, according to plan.

And then, one day, we’re (a little bit) older. We’ve somehow made it through Act I, and now the curtain’s rising for Act II. And sure, we’re experienced, mature, well-versed in life’s ups and downs. We can take it from here – we can handle it.

But even so, there is sometimes a question in the back of our heads, a small voice that whispers to us now and again, asking, “Now what?”

“Now what?” can hit at 40, at 50, at 60, at retirement, or much later. It’s the moment when the thought occurs that it is just possibly maybe a little bit okay to be a hair more self-indulgent, behave a tad out of character, take a few more risks, and even go a tiny bit wild. Yes, wild.

Now What? is the phase that can signal that moment in time when many of us begin to think that maybe, just maybe, the road that stretches before us may not be endless, and maybe, just maybe, we should pack maximum living into our bags as we hit that road. And along the way, a little direction wouldn’t hurt. There's so much to do and just so much time in which to do it: we need a plan. We need a Baby Boomer guide.

Now What? The Ultimate Baby Boomer Guide for the New Second Half, addresses the questions that 79-plus million Americans are currently asking. Weighing options, opportunities and direction for this next phase of life, the Now What? forum provides input, advice and information that’s often useful, sometimes frivolous, occasionally profane, but always entertaining.

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