Have you done this all out of love?

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Answered by: Eugene Ray, An Expert in the Relationships Category
In relationships we often start out looking for qualities that draw us to a person's physical attributes and appearances instead of looking for inner qualities that most of us have no idea how to look for. Do you ask yourself important questions like ("Are you doing this all out of love?") that lead to a more productive reasoning system that the Lord instills in our memory and/or heart that helps us follow a different and more promising path. Have you thought deeply about this lately? Have you examined yourselves and found any good standing reason why you feel it's necessary to continue plowing through all these destructive and unfulfilling endeavors? Can truthfully and whole heartedly convince yourselves to keep pursuing these empty relationships that lead to nothing? Ask yourselves again, "Am I doing this all out of love?" We seek outward pleasures in these types of predetermined to be foreboding relationships to fill a void that can't be filled. And we do this with this same predictable semblance then wonder why it never works out for us in the way we originally thought it should. This "woe is me" attitude is what gets every female into endless trouble, and keeps every male trapped in endless loneliness. there is no way out. But we still choose to live enslaved to this adamant pestering of spirit draining debauchery cause most of us don't even know, or refuse to believe detrimental truths like this unfortunately endure through and thrive in hapless existences. With a sinful nature that has to lie to itself in order to remain steady, we create a numb mentality that consumes our conductive and conducive logic with faulty and manically sporadic communication flaws that we deem peaceful and intuitive. Forcing your poorly diluted conscienceless psyche to, without a shadow of a doubt, justify its sin to prove to itself that it's doing and has done nothing wrong. Please for your own sanity and purity stop acting like this has no effect/affect on you and everyone around you. "We're all slaves to something." What are you a slave to? Yourselves? Those you feel are the best option at the time? Good people are bad people disguised as normal. Nothing makes sensible sense to normal individuals anymore. And what this world considers average is usually what God would never agree with or align Himself with. Yet most self proclaimed "Christians" keep this sort of bad advice as their "mantra". But in truth, the only way we're going to be able to maintain a steady balance of peace and harmony in what this world imagines is a malevolent relationship is if we cease to please our flesh and push to help those in need, attempt to be the best of the worst of us, repent of all of our sin, seek the Lord daily, and seek fulfillment in every relationship the Lord brings our way, romantic or not. Do you have what it takes to live a purified existence no one in this corrupt world agrees with? I believe we all do. We just need to desire greatness. Not conformity. The status quo isn't ruled by the popular opinion anymore. Or haven't you heard? "Donald J. Trump's" our President now. We 're no longer "Barack Obama's" slaves.

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