What are the key components for a successful relationship?

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There are many types of relationships. Relationships can be work related, friendships, love related, and involve a host of other conditions. We can become involved in relationships with different sexes, children students, co-workers and even animals! When we become close to someone or something we are forming a relationship. In order to have a successful relationship one must understand the key components that make relationships possible and therefore successful. In this article we are talking about successful relationships, relationships that are balanced for all parties involved. There are relationships that are unbalanced and work for one party but not all parties involved.The most important component of any type of relationship is communication, both verbal and non-verbal; verbal and non-verbal communication can tell us a lot about one another. Without communication, whether it is negative or positive there is no relationship. Communication in a relationship allows the parties to get to know each other and determines whether the relationship will move forward or stagnate. Honesty is important when communicating in relationships. Dishonesty may keep a relationship moving forward for a short time but when the deception is discovered the relationship will falter. In the initial stages of a relationship communication may be harder than once the relationship starts rolling along because we may fear the other person getting to know us. Once we become comfortable in a relationship communication becomes easier.

The second component for a successful relationship is commonality. The parties involved in the relationship must have something in common, not everything, but something or there will be no mutual attraction from the beginning. Later the parties involved in the relationship may "get to know one another better" and this will be a factor to the success or breakdown of the relationship. There is always some type of "like attracts like" in a relationship. The people involved in the relationship do not need to be alike in every manner but there has to be some spark that is found in both parties that bind the two in the initial stages of the relationship. Without any commonality there is little communication because there is nothing to stoke communication. The third component for a successful relationship is give and take. If a successful relationship has been established, both parties must be able to give to and take from the relationship in order for the relationship to be successful and balanced. An unbalanced relationship where there is a giver and a taker is not a successful relationship; it may be for one party or the other but not for all parties involved in the relationship.

The forth component for a successful relationship is respect. If we truly respect the people involved in our relationships we will always looking for ways to build the relationship rather than tearing the relationship down. Mutual respect says we care about the parties involved and about the relationship in general and we want to ensure the success of the relationship. Respect begins at home; when we respect ourselves and the relationship choices we make we can respect the relationship.

Relationships, like anything that is worth having, need nurturing and work. A successful relationship does not just happen, it takes time to grow and mature. Before entering a relationship no matter the kind we must be sure we are at a place where we have the time, patience, and maturity to grow the relationship otherwise there can be disastrous consequences for all parties involved!

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